Can I pay unpaid invoices with GetMyInvoices?

You have the possibility to pay unpaid invoices directly from GetMyInvoices via bank transfer.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Select document and click edit
  2. Navigate to the Payment tab
  3. Click on ”Pay now” and follow the next steps


Can I archive my documents GDPR-compliantly?

GetMyInvoices, being a cloud-based invoice management, fulfils the ten rules of Bitkom and the VeR (Association Electronic Invoice), which represent the most important requirements of electronic archiving. This means that GetMyInvoices gives you the option to archive invoices and documents in compliance with GDPR.

How can I process several invoices in one document?

When several invoices are comprised in one document they can be separated manually. Find the respective multi-paged document in the document view and hover the cursor over the document. A menu with grey background will appear, containing the icon “Separate Document”. When you click on this icon, a pop-up opens, giving you a choice of how to separate the document: Every page one invoice, Select pages to separate invoice, Separate every x pages, or Separate at even page numbers.

Fully automated processing and recognition of individual invoices is unfortunately not possible yet.

Optionen Dokument teilen

 Go to Document View

How does text recognition work?

Invoices and receipts without structured information are being run through our OCR technology. The OCR extracts all relevant data, like invoice number and amount. Should it not find all the information, you can simply highlight the content in the invoice preview and extract it with one click. Because our OCR is based on machine learning technology, future results will automatically improve.

How do I use tags in GetMyInvoices?

You have the option to equip invoices with tags; categories can be assigned as required. Under Settings -> Tag Management you can add new tags, which you can then edit under Documents and assign to the according invoice.

Additionally, GetMyInvoices gives you the possibility to assign standard tags for particular companies and portals, which will be automatically adopted for all documents imported from the respective portals. You can edit the tags for management of synchronization conduct in the Synchronization Settings.

How can I download documents from GetMyInvoices?

The section Documents offers you different download options:

  1. When your mouse hovers over a document in GetMyInvoices, you can download this single document using the Download button
  2. Using the Download button on the upper right-hand side in the section Documents, it is possible to download several documents
    • All documents
    • Documents for a particular month
    • Manually chosen documents

As well as that, you can choose whether the download should include archived documents, and whether documents should be archived automatically after the download.

How can I process several documents in GetMyInvoices?

To process several documents, click on “Process Documents” in the section Documents.

In the subsequent selection, you’ve got the option to select documents for processing, then change into document processing view to execute the changes.

Which views are available to display my documents?

To display your documents in a variety of ways, three different views are available.

Choose between tile view, list view or calendar view. Depending on which view you select, you can choose the displayed dates using the “Settings” button (gear symbol).

How do I search particular documents?

The search field gives you the option to look for particular documents. Here, you can select different filters and search criteria.
Additionally, a free-text search as well as various filter options are available.

How do I manually import documents to GetMyInvoices?

For manual document upload, click the button “Upload Invoices” or simply drag and drop the invoices into the web browser.