Setting Download retrieval times

You have the possibility to import your documents at a certain time or to set when downloads are generally allowed.
Now you can individually determine on which day of the week and at which time we automatically import documents for you. You have full flexibility here.
This allows you to prevent 2-FA codes from being sent on weekends, for example, or generally at times that are unfavourable for you.


How do I link a portal for document import?

You can include new portals in the section “Companies & Portals”, using the button “Add Company or Portal”. After the add, specify whether it is a company-own or an online portal.

Which portals are currently linked to GetMyInvoices?

Automatic download of invoices and account statements is currently possible from over 10,000 online portals.

How often are documents being imported into GetMyInvoices?

GetMyInvoices checks your linked portals for new documents once every 7 days. You also have the option to start import manually anytime, or to configure it according to your own requirements. To do so, go to “Companies & Portals” and click on the login data for the respective portal.

Can I start the invoice download manually?

Yes, this is possible.

1) To do so, go to Suppliers
2) Click on the user name
3) A dialog pops up, displaying the column “Actions” on the right-hand side
4) Click on “Start Download Now”

Can I suggest a new portal for document import?

We’d be happy to include your preferred portal. In the section “Companies & Portals”, you can provide information regarding the portal – along with the URL and domain – under “Add Company or Portal” -> “Online Portal” -> “Suggest Portal”.

I was asked for a 2-factor-authentication code (2FA)

GetMyInvoices can connect to portals and websites that use 2FA (two-factor authentication). When you have entered your 2FA code within the required time window, we can successfully retrieve your documents.

For security reasons, some portals and websites request a new authentication code regularly – sometimes several times in a month, or even every time a log-in is attempted. That means you might have to enter one of those codes again, even if you already entered it in GetMyInvoices in the past. This is a setting GetMyInvoices has no influence over, as they are put in place by third-party providers. Some portals and websites give you the option to switch the two-factor authentication ON or OFF. For more information about a specific portal or website login, please contact the respective support team of that page.

Does GetMyInvoices also work with Captcha and reCAPTCHA?

GetMyInvoices can also be linked to portals that use Captcha and reCAPTCHA.