How does the GetMyInvoices API integration work?

The GetMyInvoices API enables you to integrate all features into your own service. It is possible to effortlessly use the integration as a plug and play solution, and it is of special interest to producers of document management systems and cloud storage providers. For more information, please fill in our contact form or make an appointment.

What partnership programmes are available?

GetMyInvoices offers four partnership programmes with different extension levels and remuneration models:

Decide for yourself which concept suits your company structure best!

Which partnership programmes are available for tax consultants?

To tax consultants, digitalization experts, or business advisers in the managed services field, we offer a partnership model that enables you to create and manage clients in GetMyInvoices; the usage of GetMyInvoices is, in that case, free of charge to you. More information can be found in the section Tax Consultants & Multitenancy.

Is GetMyInvoices available as Whitelabel solution?

Use the GetMyInvoices technology to the benefit of your customers. The whitelabel solution is suitable, among others, for producers of accounting software or document management systems. As whitelabel partner, you will receive individual package prices and conditions, to be able to offer your customers an advantage. Invoicing the end user will be up to you. For more information, please fill in our contact form, or make an appointment.

What is the affiliate partner programme?

With the affiliate partner programme, you receive monthly 10% of the turnover generated by the booked package. You can sign up to our partner programme here. With every new customer who books a package through your affiliate link, you will be directly involved in our revenue.