How much does GetMyInvoices cost?

You can see the prices & packages for GetMyInvoices on our homepage or just click here.

Will I receive a discount for referring a customer?

Recommend GetMyInvoices and enjoy 10% of the generated revenue.

To partake, sign up to our partnership programme.


How can I cancel GetMyInvoices and delete my account?

Provided you do not wish to continue using GetMyInvoices, you can close your account in the section “Account” using the button “Cancel Account”.

Where can I find the invoice for my GetMyInvoices subscription?

You can view your invoices in the section “Account” within your own account.

What payment methods can I use in GetMyInvoices?

Beside credit card payments, we also offer direct debit or Paypal as payment options.

How can I switch to a different package?

You can switch to a different package in the section “Account”.

An upgrade to your current package is possible at any time. A downgrade to a smaller package will be executed after expiration of your contract period.

Which package is right for my requirements?

Our packages cover various requirements regarding users, documents and portals. You can find the perfect package to suit your needs on our website.

How can I test GetMyInvoices for free?

You can try GetMyInvoices for 14 days without any obligation and free of charge.

To do so, simply open a trial account.