How can I connect GetMyInvoices with other third-party systems?

GetMyInvoices offers over 30 interfaces for import and export. All interfaces can be found here. By clicking on the respective interface partner, you’ll receive detailed instructions.


How does synchronization work?

With a synchronization you can automatically transfer the invoices that you imported into your GetMyInvoices account – via online download, email import or otherwise – into other systems. This means you can, for example, file invoices on an FTP server or synchronize them in an accounting software like DATEVFastBillCANDIS or Billomat.

An overview of all available integrations can be found here.

How often will my invoices be synchronized?

Normally, your invoices will be synchronized once a day. You can also specify a different interval under “Synchronization Account Settings”.

Can I link my own system to GetMyInvoices?

Should you be interested in a link to GetMyInvoices, please contact us.

Is it possible to synchronize only specified documents?

Yes, you can specify in the synchronization account settings whether you’d like to synchronize all invoices, or just invoices belonging to certain suppliers. The extended settings give you the additional option of laying down further rules.


DATEV Unternehmen online

Here you can learn everything about the interface DATEV connect & the transmission to DATEV Unternehmen online via GetMyInvoices:

  1. Find instructions for linking DATEV with GetMyInvoices here.
  2. End customers have to order the product with the article number 92222 through their tax consultant and activate it. Find more information here.
  3. IMPORTANT information regarding the required authorizations in DATEV can be found here and in the DATEV community.

Frequent questions and problems:


  1. The DATEV transmission can take place fully automated. This can be activated in the Sync settings. Naturally, manual transmission is also possible.
  2. You have the option to transmit the document image or PDF only, or the entire meta data.
  3. In case you select “Meta Data”, you must ensure that all data is present and correct. -> Please note: When you choose a transmission including data, we recommend manual approval before the transmission. Please also check the sync settings under Edit Sync. Account -> Extended Settings -> Document Settings -> Approval. Additionally, you can adjust your settings under “Tagging”, so that only controlled invoices with the tag “verified” will be transmitted. To do so, please configure the appropriate tags in the sync account settings.


  1. “The user has no access to clients. It is recommended that the user contact the tax consultant.” -> Find the solution here.
  2. “Not allowed for {year} fiscal year.” -> Please perform the synchronization again, so we receive the updated client data. Should the error continue to be displayed, please check the following: The inventory for the book has not been created yet. A new mandate for Documents online/Cash Book online has to be created in Unternehmen online (see). Or: Only the correct fiscal year is missing for the inventory. In this case, a year transfer has to be carried out (see item 2.1, 2.2, 2.3)