Tax Consultant Offering

The following guidelines for tax consultants apply:

1. Every tax consultant receives a free 3-month trial at the beginning
2. Included is the ”tax consultant account” for your own use plus a client administration to manage all your manage clients within GetMyInvoices.
3. GetMyInvoices remains permanently free of charge for tax consultants, if after the end of trial you only manage 5 clients in your client administration with regular accounts. If there are less than 5 clients, you pay the package that corresponds to your own usage pattern.


How can I obtain a GetMyInvoices tax consultant account?

  1. Set up a test account through our website: Registration
  2. Using the contact form on our tax consultant page, inform us of the email address you used to register: Tax Consultants
  3. We will place your account free of charge and activate Client Management.

How can I add clients to GetMyInvoices?

After Client Management has been activated for you account, you can invite your clients for a free trial period. You will find Client Management in the upper part next to your central inbox.


How does billing of clients work?

Tax consultants can specify under “Info” in Client Management, whether they or their client is to receive the invoice for the usage of the chosen GetMyInvoices package.

How can I access the accounts of clients who already are customers of GetMyInvoices?

Please write a short note with your client’s email address to:

After successful activation, Client Management will be available to you, giving you access to your client’s account and invoices.

What is meant by “starter” package or client mailbox?

Your clients do not want their own account?
No problem with the free client mailbox.
You’ll love this new feature, because with the digital client mailbox you can receive invoices from your clients directly and easily. Create a new client account and select “Starter” as the package type. Your client now has a central email address to which all invoices can be sent or forwarded. Your customer can also inform his suppliers about the use of this e-mail address, and we have attached a template to the outgoing e-mail.


How will my client’s invoices get to DATEV Unternehmen Online?

To this end, your client’s account has to be synchronized with DATEVconnect online. DATEVconnect online is the interface for DATEV Unternehmen online; you can book it here. The set-up requires just a few clicks. You can find instructions here.

Can GetMyInvoices be used with my corporate design?

You can customize GetMyInvoices using individual colour schemes as well as your own logo. To do so, search under Settings for Design.

Clients assigned to your tax consultant account will see the logo and design consigned by you.