Start GetMyInvoices Partnership Programs What are the various partnership programs that GetMyInvoices offers?

What are the various partnership programs that GetMyInvoices offers?

GetMyInvoices is proud to offer four different partnership programs to suit every type of business. We’ve designed our partnership programs so you can maximize your business potential while offering an easy and hassle-free online invoicing management solution. Choose from the different partnership programs below.

Tax Consultants Account

To help tax consultants simplify their invoicing process for their clients, GetMyInvoices offers a custom-designed account specifically tailored for tax consultants and accountants. With this account, tax consultants can easily give access to their clients for automated invoice import and processing. A central dashboard allows tax consultants to see a comprehensive overview of their clients’ invoice activity, process multiple client invoices in a few clicks, and directly bill clients for tax consultant services through payment integrations including direct bank transfer and card payments.

GetMyInvoices White-Label Platform

Are you looking to use the GetMyInvoices platform with your company’s branding? Our white-label solution offers the flexibility you need to run GetMyInvoices on your own terms. With the GetMyInvoices White-Label Platform, you can fully customize GetMyInvoices to suit your needs and preferences. It’s the same reliable and functional invoicing solution you’d expect from GetMyInvoices, paired with the recognizable professional identity your customers know and trust.

GetMyInvoices API

The GetMyInvoices Accounts API opens up access to your GetMyInvoices account directly from the existing software tools and platforms you currently use. This means that you can automatically keep information up-to-date between your GetMyInvoices account and your third-party applications. Simply put, the GetMyInvoices Accounts API opens up a new level of functionality and compatibility across third-party platforms for a more seamless invoice processing experience.

Affiliate Program

With the GetMyInvoices affiliate program, you can get 10% of the actual sales when your referral successfully signs up with any of the offered subscription plans. Proceeds of the referral program will be sent to your preferred banking method four weeks after successful referral sign-up.