Start Document Management Can I split a single document file into multiple invoices?

Can I split a single document file into multiple invoices?

If you have multiple invoices in a single document, you can process them at the same time with GetMyInvoices. Here’s how.

Step 1. From the GetMyInvoices dashboard page, click Documents from the left-side menu.

Step 2. Navigate to the document file containing multiple invoices, then click the Split Document button from the floating mini-toolbar.

Step 3. Choose among four options to split invoices within the document you want to process:

Step 4:


Step 5. After deciding how you want to separate multiple invoices from a single document, choose the option that corresponds to what you want to do with the original source document:

After successful document split, processed documents will be automatically synced with your connected sync accounts according to their respective sync interval settings. At this time, GetMyInvoices only supports semi-automated processing of multiple invoices within a single document. We’re working hard to introduce fully automated processing of multiple invoices from a single source document in the future.

Having trouble with the document split process? Please create a support ticket with our Customer Support team by clicking here, or start a new chat at any time by clicking the Chat button on the bottom right corner of your GetMyInvoices dashboard.