Start Synchronizations/Integrations I use Printout Designer to create invoices. How do I sync them to my GetMyInvoices account?

I use Printout Designer to create invoices. How do I sync them to my GetMyInvoices account?

If you’re using Printout Designer to generate invoices, you can sync them to your GetMyInvoices account using the Central Email Inbox / Receipts Inbox feature. This further simplifies your invoice automation workflow, especially if you’re dealing with large volumes of newly generated invoices in Printout Designer. Here’s how you can configure both your Printout Designer and GetMyInvoices accounts to seamlessly synchronize your invoices between these two platforms.

Step 1. From your GetMyInvoices account dashboard, navigate to your Central Email Inbox (mail icon) on the upper right corner. Copy or take note of your receipts inbox address (it looks like this: [email protected]). You will need this to configure email automation in your Printout Designer account as shown in the following steps.

Step 2. Log in to your Printout Designer account, then navigate to Email > Templates found on the left side menu. Click Create to configure an email template.

Step 3. On the email template creation page, fill in the invoice information you want to see on the final invoice document. Under “To Address”, paste or type the Central Email Inbox address from your GetMyInvoices account. Click Save to finish creating the new email template.

Step 4. After creating your custom email template, navigate to Automation Rules > Email in your Printout Designer dashboard to start setting up the email automation rule for GetMyInvoices.

Step 5. Fill in required fields on the Email Automation page:

Step 6. Click Update to save your changes.

Once you’ve configured the custom email template and the corresponding email automation rule in your Printout Designer account, you’re all set. Any trigger event you’ve specified in Printout Designer will trigger forwarding newly generated invoices to your GetMyInvoices account through the Central Email Inbox. To see these invoices in your GetMyInvoices account, simply click Documents from the left side menu on the GetMyInvoices dashboard.