Start Account Settings Which user roles are available in GetMyInvoices?

Which user roles are available in GetMyInvoices?

GetMyInvoices lets you customize how users can access features and settings within the platform. There are four different roles available for you to assign to each user.

Administrator – Full access to the GetMyInvoices account, can create new users, and update payment and billing information.

Standard User – Can view, modify, and delete invoices and create new suppliers; however administrative functions are restricted.

Upload-Only User – Can upload and process their own invoices, such as bills and travel receipts, but has no access to other functions.

Read-Only User – Can view documents but cannot modify or delete them; other functions are disabled.

Every GetMyInvoices subscription plan allows for a certain number of total users at any given time. You can add, modify, and manage users on your account through the Users option from the drop-down main menu on the top right corner of the dashboard page. If you’re unable to add more users due to plan limits, you can upgrade to a higher subscription plan from the Billing option on the main menu.