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What is a workflow?

Our workflows allow you to implement your company’s internal workflows and processes in GetMyInvoices. Here we give you the possibility to digitally map specific approval & verification processes as well as payment runs.

An approval process is a recurring event that affects different process steps as well as responsible persons in your company. Invoices, for example, usually involve events such as order confirmations or payments. These documents need to be processed by different instances in the company.

A simple example: You receive a shipment of goods. This shipment is checked by an employee in the warehouse, stamped, and electronically forwarded to the next instance. This checks all invoice information as well as the current payment status and releases the document for synchronization or export.

In this way, the digital approval processes map all corporate business processes electronically and control them automatically. Furthermore, those involved have all the necessary information at their disposal, preventing delays and confusion.