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What is the central email inbox?

Your GetMyInvoices account comes standard with a central email inbox. Think of it as a receipts inbox for all your invoices and other documents – it lets you import mail invoices and attachments. The central email inbox gives you your very own GetMyInvoices email address where you can send invoices directly from other sources. It’s as simple as forwarding an email message from any of your third-party email accounts (Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange/365, etc.), which means you can set your receipts inbox as another invoice source for easier invoice management. With support for more than 30,000 invoice formats, GetMyInvoices can easily extract invoice information from a growing list of invoice suppliers.

A scenario where you can use your central email inbox is when you ask your suppliers to send invoices directly to you using your GetMyInvoices email address. Anything they send to this central email inbox address will be imported and processed automatically according to your predefined import rules. To start using your central email inbox, look for the mail envelope icon on the top right corner of your GetMyInvoices dashboard page (next to your account name). More information about using your GetMyInvoices central email inbox can be found on this FAQ article.