Start Document Management Edit multiple documents simultaneously (batch processing)

Edit multiple documents simultaneously (batch processing)

With the function “Edit document(s)” you have not only the possibility to edit each individual document, but also the option to edit several invoices at the same time.

1. click on “Documents” in the left menu.

2. Now set the desired filters for the invoices you want to process at the same time.

3. After the desired invoices have been displayed, please click on the “Edit document(s)” icon in the upper right corner.

4. the selected invoices will be displayed in a new window. Then click on “Edit documents” to continue.

5. After you have edited the desired position in the first invoice, click ” Save”.

6. In the next step, you can select the items to be applied or changed on all invoices by clicking in the checkbox. After that, click “Save multiple invoices” to update all invoices that have not been processed yet.

You are also welcome to watch our sample video on batch processingat.