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Train text recognition/OCR manually

In addition to automatic text recognition, GetMyInvoices also offers the possibility to perform text recognition/OCR manually. This approach trains OCR on the invoice layout and applies it automatically to future invoices.

1. click“Documents” in the menu on the left side of your account. Select the desired document and click the“Edit Document” icon

2. to be able to edit the document, please make sure that the“image view” is activated.

3. Now drag a square over the desired data value (here: gross amount) with the left mouse button.

4. as soon as you release the mouse button, a small window will open. If you now click on the desired field in the selection, the selected data value will automatically be inserted there. You can also adjust the desired text directly in the position field.

5. Then click on the small arrow in the “Save” button and select “Save and train OCR”. In this case, the revised data is sent to the text recognition again and the layout is trained for the future.